Frequently Asked Questions

About Vets First Choice

Founded in 2010, Vets First Choice is a partner pharmacy—meaning we work in partnership with veterinarians—and a whole lot more. Our pharmacy has the highest accreditations possible and we buy direct from the manufacturers, ensuring product authenticity and patient safety. The more: we offer practices a transformational way to manage prescriptions that doubles compliance. Plus, our turn-key programs and online instant rebates help bring clients back—so they buy from you instead of the discounters. Start-up is extremely easy, no charge and no risk.

Take a look at this short video from Dr. Mike Dryden (Dr. Flea), who studied the impact of Vets First Choice on compliance.

We buy directly from the manufacturers so your clients benefit from original 100% manufacturer
guarantees. You can have peace-­of-­mind that products through your online store are safe.

Yes! In fact, we offer both the mail­-in rebate programs, but even better, we offer several exclusive instant rebates—applied at the time of the online purchase—that are not available at other online stores. Who wants to deal with mailing in a rebate? The best part, on these programs the client savings does not come out of practice profits.

Ah! There’s no catch. We have harnessed today’s technology so that YOU can compete online, have greater access to more products, pro-­actively manage your prescriptions, and make money. Give us a call and we’ll tell you about the other positive impacts your store can have on your practice and on your clients’ satisfaction.

Your Online Store

First, you get your own customized online store that we help you build (don’t worry, it only takes minutes). Then, your clients can shop 24/7 and order products directly from you. If they order a prescription, you get notified so that you can approve (or decline) with a click of a button. Also, you can create prescriptions for your clients right from our online tool, which integrates with many of the practice management software used by practices today. Your client then receives an email with a link to purchase the product exactly as you have prescribed it, reducing errors and making the purchase simple.

This is one of the best parts: we’ll build your store in 12 minutes, and you decide colors, your products, and who gets to be a delegate. Most practices take about 30 minutes for complete set­-up (it’s kind of fun). We’ll train your staff over lunch. It’s really that easy.

We’ll help you set up a direct link from your practice website directly to your new online store.

You set the price to your clients, however your store comes “ready to open” with well-researched suggested market prices or offer one­-off custom pricing.

Services & Features

Our pharmacy is located centrally, in Omaha, Nebraska so standard shipping takes 5­-7 working days. Compounded orders automatically ship 2nd day, and faster shipping is always available for a fee.

We do! Any question regarding product availability, shipping, pricing, how to use the store, etc.,
our dedicated team will handle for you. Our pharmacists will handle questions about the medications. However, if a pet owner has any medical question, we direct that back to you. For your staff, we also have a dedicated team to answer any question about how to use your store, or to take verbal authorizations (yes, you can if you want, call in your prescriptions!).

One of the best parts of the Vets First Choice service is that we help you let your clients know about your store through a complete store launch program followed by monthly coupon emails. Clients love the emails and practice revenues spike when we send them. Don’t worry we’ll never, ever share any client data. Ever.

So many ways! Here are just a few features that make our online pharmacy successful for practices vs. the others:

● A really easy­-to-­use store

● Just as easy: back office tools to create and manage prescriptions

● A powerful system to ensure original prescriptions get filled; same for refills and renewable prescriptions

● A centrally located pharmacy that ensures great home/barn delivery times nationwide

● The highest quality accreditation–­­both Vet-­VIPPS and PCAB for compounding

● The most products–­­more than 5,000 including compounded meds

● FREE shipping for food on AutoShip–­­this is HUGE for clients

● Dedicated customer service (phone, email, hip chat)

● Ability to call in prescriptions from the field (equine veterinarians love this)

● Exclusive instant savings programs

● The CAREcabinet that allows your clients to buy online exactly what you’ve pre-approved and prescribed

● Monthly performance reports show you know how your store is performing

● FREE client coupon emails

● No start­up or monthly fees


First, there are no monthly fees, no startup fees, or contracts. We charge a fulfillment fee on each transaction through your store. This fee is dependent on the volume through your store—more volume, a lower fee for you.

You’ll make new profits in several ways:

  1. You’ll gain back clients (and profits) lost to the discounters. A large portion of products are now sold outside of the practice. 42% if we want to quote the FTC paper
  2. You’ll expand your inventory without paying a cent. Plus other benefits such as, offloading certain products to the online store, saving on inventory carrying costs, including the cash outlay, waste, time ordering and loading the shelves. Time and space spent on inventory is now put to better use—like caring for patients or a new exam room.
  3. Your compliance will double. Greater compliance means patients are on therapy longer which translates into incremental revenues and profits.
  4. Your service revenues will grow. When you bring back clients, they come back for their pet’s annual exams too.

Have a question we haven’t answered? Please give us a call at (888) 280-2221.